Anupamaa Twist Before Valentine’s Day: Anuj Kapadia Shifts in Front of Anupama’s Flat, Baa Yells at Anu

Anupamaa Twist Before Valentine’s Day: The day of confession is almost here as Anuj Kapadia and Anupama are all set to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together. In the Tuesday episode of Anupamaa, the two had a sweet fight after which it was revealed that Anupama actually arranged a new accommodation for Anuj right in front of her apartment.

Anupamaa Latest Episode Update

Anupamaa Latest Episode Update

In the morning, as Anu wakes up knowing Anuj is around her and she would get to make breakfast for him, she starts dancing and singing. Anuj looks at her as he wakes up and sees her dancing on the song ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai.’ Anupama finds Anuj gazing at her and she stops dancing. He then comes close to her and asks her if she was calling him ‘shona.’ She blushes but their moment is interrupted by Baa’s call.

Baa yells at Anu for being careless and letting Anuj spend a night at her place without thinking about what the people will say. An upset Baa tells Anu that she should start thinking of all the things and taunts that her daughters will have to hear from society because of what she’s doing in her life. Anuj feels irked and goes out of the apartment to take a stroll. He leaves his phone at the house which makes Anupama furious. When he comes back, he tries to explain to Anupama how he felt bad for her when Baa yelled at her because of him. An annoyed Anupama tells him that whatever the world is saying, he should never leave her alone and goes away without letting her know about his whereabouts.

As Anuj feels bad about causing a scene, he realises that Anupama has gifted him his own flat for now. He turns and sings ‘Ek Ghar Banauga Tere Ghar Ke Samne.’ The Wednesday episode will see the epic romantic confession between Anupama and Anuj during Valentine’s Day celebration. But, will it go as planned? Nothing ever goes as planned in Anupama’s life… isn’t it? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!

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