Anuj Kapadia to Propose Marriage to Anupama, Time For The #MaAn Fans to go Nacho!

Anupamaa upcoming episode: 

Anupama and Anuj Kapadia are taking their own sweet time in a relationship.

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While the two have so far discovered that there’s definitely something more than friendship between them, they haven’t officially started dating each other yet – courtesy: the whole drama that keeps popping up in the Shah family again and again! However, seems like there’s finally some good news for the #MaAn fans.

As per the latest buzz around the show,

Anuj will soon be sure about Anupama’s feelings for him and will do his best to make sure that she’s not leaving his house. This will also make him propose marriage to Anupama so that she can legally stay at his place as his lawfully wedded wife.

What else? While their love story is yet to begin in full bloom, seems like the makers have decided to show the marriage first, and dating later. We are not sure about this track report though!

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Currently, in the show, Anupama has stayed back at the Kapadia house after both Anuj and her sister Malvika convinced her to not leave them.



In the Shah house, however, a new drama has unfolded between Nandini and Samar who were trying to speed up their marriage talks in the family a few episodes back but are now having second thoughts about their decision. While Nandini is defending her massi, Kavya, and trying to whitewash her image in the family, Samar is behaving like his own sexist father – Vanraj Shah – unable to mend the differences with Nandini.

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