Salman Khan would do drama earlier…’: Ayesha Jhulka says the star was conscious about dancing in the 90s, impressed by his skills now

Bollywood actor Ayesha Jhulka revealed that Salman Khan used to avoid dancing in 90’s films and would request the choreographer to not give him any steps. Ayesha, who appeared on the reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, said that she is rather impressed with Salman’s dancing skills now.

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When host Aditya Narayan quizzed them, Ayesha said that during her debut film Kurbaan, Salman was ‘conscious’ about dancing. She said, “I still remember, when I was shooting for my first movie with Salman Khan, he was very conscious about dancing. He told the choreographer of our film to let him make an entry by walking in casually while I would be doing all the dance steps.”

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Ayesha Jhulka Reveled Secrets Of Salman Khan

She added, “Since then, I have done a lot of live shows with him throughout my career as well. However, I am surprised to see that he dances now. He dances so well and even keeps all his steps in mind. Having seen this side of him now, I feel that he used to do drama earlier and he can genuinely dance well.”

Ayesha Jhulka has worked with several prominent Bollywood actors including Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan during the ’90s. She starred in popular romantic dramas including Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Khiladi and earned several accolades for her performance. She has also starred in Bengali and Odia films.

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