Can you spot the leopard in this picture? The Internet is totally confused

The internet is a fan of pictures that have animals camouflaged in them. Netizens find it quite interesting to spot the animals hidden in the jungle or grassy terrain. Now, this photo shared on Twitter has grabbed the attention of netizens with an exciting game of ‘spotting the leopard’.

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A picture, shared by Amit Mehra, shows a grassy landscape with a tree in the middle. “There is a leopard in this picture. Try to spot it. No pun intended,” Amit captioned the post.

Did you find the leopard? If not, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. Many netizens were totally bamboozled with this picture puzzle. While some successfully pointed out the animal in the picture, others commented on how they simply couldn’t spot the leopard hiding in the picture.

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