Is Aamir Khan Really Married Again? Here’s The Truth About His Relationship Status!

Who doesn’t love gossiping? Everyone does! Everyone loves rumours unless they don’t belong to them and especially if it comes from Bollywood.

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As intrusive as it may sound, fans are always curious to know everything about their favourite celebs.

Right from the films they sign, to the parties they attend, to the people they date, their never-ending curiosity is to be blamed! And most celebs too take this with a grain of salt, often but not always.

Remember when “Dangal” star Fathima Shaikh 

Almost lost it after being subjected to dating Co-star Aamir Khan multiple times?

The actress had furiously mentioned how she avoids such rumours for her mental well-being but had also shared how, after all the ignoring too, these rumours do take a toll on her life.

While Aamir had not changed his stance about this entire dating rumour even once, the actor chooses to remain tight-lipped, the last we heard Aamir addressing anything personal was when he and his ex-wife Kiran Rao decided to end their wedding.

While divorce between two well-known celebs is always a topic of hot discussion on the internet, netizens went overboard with Aamir and Kirans divorce, endlessly trolling the two, especially the former, when he became a host of funny memes and insensitive tweets.

What comes new now, is that the people on the internet have taken Fathima and Amir’s alleged relationship to another level, and even declared them married!

This logic was backed by some pictures that showed Aamir and Fathima married, as a man and wife, and people were convinced that Aamir indeed was married again!

What came as a shock for many is that they refused to believe that Aamir could get married so soon after calling off his second marriage. While some remained unaware, others simply believed that the couple was indeed married.

But surprisingly, the viral wedding image that kept surfacing on the internet had some other story to it. Many quickly pointed out the viral picture was in fact, photoshopped and that it was an old image of Aamir Khan with his then-wife Kiran Rao.

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The image for once looks real but it is indeed highly morphed and has absolutely no truth to it!

The image of the ‘newly married’ couple still kept circulating on the internet with more fake stories with it.

One such, was when it was claimed how Aamir’s daughter, Ira Khan, was so upset with her father’s third marriage and had expressed her dejection about the same.

‘It’s difficult to tolerate all this,’ claimed her fake statement, which was later realized, had no hint of reality to it.

True or not, as for now, Aamir and Kiran have mutually decided to part their ways as a man and wife and have decided to co-parent their son, while Fathima herself hasn’t directly addressed this issue to date.

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