Jai Bhim at Oscars: Scene at the Academy Features Suriya’s Film – What it Means And Why It’s Important?

Jai Bhim at Oscars: Jai Bhim might not be India’s official entry at the Oscars this year but it’s still putting the industry on the world map.

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On Tuesday, the Academy team uploaded a scene from the film on their official YouTube handle, giving it a special honour under their series titled ‘Scene At The Academy.’Also, Read – Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 & Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan Shooting on Hold Amid Rising Covid-19 Cases

Jai Bhim gets featured on ‘Scene at the Academy’: What does it signify?

The Academy runs a special section called ‘Scene At The Academy’ for their members worldwide where they feature a meticulously curated scene that speaks of the importance of filmmaking and highlights how cinema could be a powerful tool in storytelling with the potential to change the world. As mentioned on their website, “Scene at the Academy is an opportunity to create exclusive content – spotlighting the filmmaking and creative process behind the movies – for the Academy’s global members and fans.” Also Read – Anuj Kapadia to Propose Marriage to Anupama

What is the Scene at the Academy?

As mentioned on the Academy’s official website, the Scene at the Academy “focuses on filmmakers and artists talking about the evolution and breakdown of a scene (one or two scenes, maximum) or an element (i.e. song) in the film that captures and represents the approach to the movie. For example, writers discuss how scene(s) originated, directors talk about the considerations throughout, composers/songwriters explain storytelling through song, visual effects supervisors show how moments came to life, etc

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