‘I am looking for roles that are different, and Bestseller will give me a lot of scopes to explore’: Mithun Chakraborty

After a hefty hiatus, the only male Bengali superstar in Bollywood Mithun Chakraborty is back as a wise investigative officer in Amazon Prime’s suspense serial Bestseller. We caught up with the actor once famous for his dancing skills. Excerpts:

Mithun Chakraborty New Web Series
 It’s good to see you back on screen. What made you choose Bestseller as your comeback project?

 I won’t call it a come-back project. I would rather call it an OTT project. I am not in the mood to do any old kind of films. I am looking for roles that are different and this will give me a lot of scopes to explore.

Your fans have been missing you. Why have you done so little cinema in recent years?

Fans have been missing me but I am on and off all the time. My shows are ‘ON’ and if it’s about roles, as I mentioned, I will do those roles only that will excite me, pinch me, push me. By pinch I mean, the roles that will excite me. So the films I am doing nowadays, you will see that ‘Yes I have done something. But doing earlier kinds of film, I don’t think I would be able to do the same old stuff any longer.

The shift from the big screen to the OTT platform in the last few years has been drastic and extreme? Are you happy to make this shift from the large screen to home viewing?

 As far as the actor in me is concerned, I don’t feel any change because as an actor I have to go through the same process to do the character. I have to do full justice to the character, justice to the director, go according to the way he wants me to. That commitment remains no matter what the platform. But as far as the platform is concerned it’s good for everyone, the younger actors, of course, it is good.

Your son got married recently. What other changes have come in your life recently?

I don’t interfere in their matters. My son Mimoh’s wife (Madalsa Sharma) has become a big star now with her show Anupama. It’s good to have her home. But my wife and I give them their space.

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There was a time when your fans threw coins on the screen when you danced. Do you miss those days?

 I miss those days. But you have to change with the time. You have to mould with the times and I have done that.

What are your plans for this year?

 I have no plans, I will go with the time and flow.

Have you said goodbye to politics?

I am in politics but not directly. Direct politics I don’t think I will visit.

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