Nusrat Jahan Reveals She Absconded With Yash Dasgupta in Talk Show, Spills More Beans on Their Love Story

A few months ago, actor and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan confirmed her marriage with politician Yash Dasgupta by dropping pictures from the latter’s birthday celebrations on Instagram where the cake had ‘Husband’ written on it.

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Nusrat and Yash’s love story made headlines in 2021

As earlier she was married to businessman Nikhil Jain and that wedding was never registered in India and was not valid under Indian Law.

Mummy Discovered After Long 2500Years

Soon after Nusrat got pregnant, she remained silent on her personal life and introduced the newborn to the world as Yishaan J Dasgupta. In fact, the baby’s birth certificate went viral where the name of the father had Yash’s name. Recently, the actor was seen shouting from the rooftops about her love story with Yash in her talk show and revealed she “absconded” with him.

Nusrat Jahan finally opened up about her relationship and marriage with Yash Dasgupta. On December 29, she posted a cute video from her talk show where the two spilled the beans about their love affair.

The actor said, “I ran away with you, oh I absconded with you”.

Yash teased Nusrat and asked her, “You ran away? You mean, we ran through the streets holding hands?” Which is when, she replied, “No, no, I absconded with you. This is in one word, I absconded with you. This is what the episode is about – my love, my choice. I fell in love with you, that was my choice, and the rest is history.

” Yash asked her to define love and the latter had the most beautiful reply. Nusrat then shared, “Togetherness leading to happiness every day. It’s not always hunky-dory, in your words. Love is very tough but you deal with it every day with a lot of love.”

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