Bollywood News: Pragya Jaiswal on her role edited from Antim, Akhanda success & romancing Salman Khan in Main Chala

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal starrer Akhanda have successfully completed 50 days run at the box office which is a rare feat in recent times.

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Akhanda came and conquered the box office amidst uncertainty over the theatrical business. Speaking to Pinkvilla, Pragya Jaiswal says she feels all her hard work finally paid off.  “I feel really happy and grateful that the film has done so well even during the toughest of times.

The response that the film has got has been overwhelming because 50 days run in the theatres is unheard of in recent times and the film is still houseful in many theatres…Feels like all the hard work finally paid off,” said Pragya Jaiswal who plays IAS officer in Akhanda.  Pragya is currently in the best phase of her career. With Akhanda doing well in cinemas, her music video Main Chala with Salman Khan got released recently.

Pragya Jaiswal Song Main Chala

“I was not sure how he would be when I met him the first time,” says Pragya on meeting Salman Khan for the first time on the sets of the music video.  everyone is saying ‘that we look great together onscreen’.Pragya Jaiswal Asked about her experience of working with the superstar and being one of the few actors to romance him on screen, Pragya described it saying, “It was a wonderful experience working with Salman Sir on the song Main Chala…I was not sure how he would be when I met him the first time but with him, you get what you see…

He is extremely genuine & has his own unique wit, charm & sense of humour which instantly made me comfortable… and then shooting the song became a really fun experience.”  Pragya adds she has been getting lots of calls and messages from long lost friends, relatives, acquaintances and everyone saying ‘that we look great together onscreen’. 

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The song was shot as a part of Aayush Sharma starrer Antim:

The Final Truth. However, her part was removed and it did not make it to the final cut of the film. Asked if that really upset her, Pragya replied,

“I was informed about that decision well in advance…It’s not an easy decision to make so I was kept in the loop right from the beginning & hence it didn’t upset me much…It was done for the larger interest of the film and was done in the most respectful manner so I was on the same page as the makers of the film.

” 7 years in the industry was a roller-coster ride but an enriching one.

Sharing about it, Pragya says, “My journey in the film industry has been an enriching one…I’ve learnt a lot from all the highs & the lows…

But 2021 felt like a fresh start to me because of the 2 amazing projects that I was working on and now there is no looking back.”  

Calling 2021 the most significant and memorable year, she added, “because I got a chance to work with two of the biggest superstars in our country -Balakrishna Sir and Salman Sir which eventually resulted in the biggest hit I have given in my career and the most beautiful song that a girl can dream of.” 

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