Safety Cycling Tips: To Opt-Out From Inquiry


If you are a keen commuter cyclist or enjoy cycle training then I am sure you will appreciate the importance of cycling safety. As a cyclist, you need to take care of your bicycle equipment and be fully aware of road safety.


The following cycling safety advice and general tips should help you to avoid traffic danger and fully enjoy your cycling journeys.

Before setting out on a cycle journey, it allows wise to make a quick pre-ride bike safety check to make sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable ride. So always inspect your bike and essential gear before your set out.

To keep focused, devise a checklist of what you might need to make sure that you can deal with any minor, mechanical problems.

Important tools can easily be stored in a small bag that fits snugly under your bicycle seat. You will always be able to find a selection of these saddlebags at a reasonable price and they will last a long time.

Safety Cycling Tips
Safety Cycling Tips

Safety Guides

To act as a bicycle safety guide here’s an emergency repair and safety checklist you can use. So make sure that you have the following:
  1. A bicycle safety helmet that fits comfortably.
  2. A pair of sunglasses or similar to protect your eyes from sun, grit and dust.
  3. A basic toolkit for those essential road side repairs.
  4. A simple first aid kit.
  5. A rain cape or waterproof jacket.
  6. A spare inner tube and a patching kit.
  7. Wear something light and bright so that you can be easily seen by cars.
  8. A frame fitting pump.
  9. An ID pack with at least your name, address and an emergency phone contact in case of a serious accident.
  10. Lights on your bicycle if you expect to be riding when the daylight begins to fade.
  11. Always take some money just in case.
  12. A mobile phone can also prove indispensable.

Also, make sure that you can actually repair a puncture. You can practice at home and then you will feel more confident if you have a problem when out riding.

Need To Do

Being comfortable on your bicycle is essential to your enjoyment so here are a few tips to help you.
  • Padded gloves will cushion your hands from the ups and downs of cycling especially on a long ride.
  • A waterproof and windproof jacket will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • If the sun is out in all its glory then cover exposed parts, including the lips, with sunscreen to prevent burning.
  • Padded cycling shorts are designed for comfort to prevent chaffing so invest in a quality pair.
  • The shape of your saddle is important. Ladies will usually require a slightly wider saddle because of their anatomy. You may have to try several before finally settling on a particular design. Spending on a quality saddle is the best practice in the long run.
  • Special cycling shoes will keep your feet relaxed, comfortable and make pedaling a lot easier.
  • Try to choose clothing that does not absorb perspiration. Your aim is to keep dry and warm

Extra Tips

  • Some nutritious snacks for energy replacement.
  • Plenty of water or energy drinks in your cycling bottle.
  • A map if you feel that you need one.
Almost ready but it is always a good idea to do a quick pre-ride check of your cycle.
  • Look at your tyre condition and check that they are inflated correctly.
  • Look at your cables. Are they in good condition?
  • Most importantly, check your brakes. Will you be able to stop in an emergency?
  • Do the gears work correctly?
  • Do the quick release wheel mechanism close securely?


Finally, make sure that there are no other loose parts that might cause a problem.

There is nothing worse than having to deal with a mechanical problem that could have been avoided when you are thirty or forty miles away from home, so take the trouble to follow through with a safety check system.

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Safety cycling is so important when you consider the number of serious injuries and fatalities involving cyclists and motorists. Drivers can sometimes seem totally oblivious to cyclists on city and country roads. So as a cyclist it is so important to be aware at all times.

Following the rules of bicycle safety will protect you from being involved in minor crashes, suffering serious injuries and place you in a sound legal position in the case of disputes.

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