How Salman Khan Reacted When Somy Ali Proposed to Him…

Former actor Somy Ali, who dated Salman Khan for eight years from 1991 to 1999, in a recent interview opened up about the reason for their split.

Salman Khan & Somy Ali Love Story

It was after watching Maine Pyaar Kiya that Somy developed a crush on Salman, and came all the way from the US to India with the intention to marry him.

During the eight years of dating, Somy shared that she got to learn a lot from Salman and as far as his parents are concerned, she stated that their teachings are phenomenal.

However, Somy believes that if one is not happy in a relationship, it is better to part ways, hence she decided to return to America.

Calling Salman “generous” in a chat with The Free Press Journal, Somy praised him for his love for animals.

She also commended the philanthropic work the actor does through his Being Human foundation. Somy shared that not only from the actor, but she also got to learn a lot from his parents too.

She said that Salman’s parents had an open house, everyday people used to come and go, and they would talk to them so lovingly, even feed them.

Another pivotal lesson Somy learned from the Khan family is that everyone is equal for them. “They never saw any difference in religion. It is very important to learn from them,” she said.

During the interview, Somy even talked about the moment she expressed her feelings to him. She said that when the duo was heading to Nepal, she sat right next to him, and showing him his photo, Somy expressed her desire to marry him.

On hearing the unexpected confrontation, Salman told Somy that he has a girlfriend, but the latter was not at all bothered about it. According to Somy, she and Salman started dating a year later, when she turned 17.

During her brief stint in Bollywood, Somy had shot just one film with Salman, which unfortunately was shelved. However, she went on to do films with Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt.

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