People have seen a ‘ghost woman’ sitting with a pram near a UK highway. Here’s the truth behind it

Stories of ghosts haunting the lonely highways are quite common as well as intriguing. While some claim that they have actually seen ghosts, some say that it is just an illusion. However, one particular ‘ghost lady’ who can be regularly seen around a highway in the UK has a different story to tell. Don’t worry, we are not going to make you sleep with your lights on, because after knowing the actual story behind ‘Betty Bypass’ you may find yourself facepalming.

It all started when motorists started spotting an eerie-looking woman sitting with her back turned along a highway going by the Birmingham-Worcester border. A pram was also seen beside the woman. The haunting scenario has left many motorists passing along the highway completely freaked out. So much so, that the ‘ghost lady’ became a local legend quickly.

But much to the disappointment of all the ghost enthusiasts, the myth behind the ghost lady is all part of a big practical joke! May Like – NZ Journalist Becomes First Person With Māori Face Tattoo to Present Primetime News

UK Betty Bypass

Betty Bypass sits near the highway with a pram beside her.

According to a report by The Mirror, Nick Husband, a sandwich truck owner, bought ‘Betty’ the mannequin from the PDSA charity shop in Rubery High Street so he could pose her in different positions with a pram next to the food van. 10 years later, Betty still can be seen sitting near Nick’s sandwich truck in an eerie way. Also, Read – Scientists unwrap Egyptian mummy to find 3500-year

Nick told The Mirror that the prank went so far that Council Officers came around to provide aid for the lonely lady and her ‘baby in a pram’. “Some think she’s real, many take their photos with her and others worry about her being homeless and want to help her,” Nick added. May like – Rihanna in Bathing Suit Top Flaunts Fuzzy Green Outfit

A rather scary prank. Don’t you think?

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