Virat Kohli Has Special Message for Manchester City Boss Pep Guardiola in Punjabi

Manchester City is having a record-breaking year. Team India Test skipper Virat Kohli took note of the football club’s

Virat Kohli Has Special Message for Manchester City

winning run in the Premier League and lauded the team’s manager Pep Guardiola with a special video message. Kohli’s keen interest in football is well known.

He has also demonstrated a friendly relationship with Guardiaola on several occasions on social media. This time, Kohli shared a video of himself wearing a Manchester City jersey wherein the 33-year-old batter praised the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager on Instagram with a special video message.

Captioning the video, “Chakk de fatte!” He said,

“Hi, Pep, I hope you are well. Last season was smashing and you are still going strong. Loving the games and energy. Cheers, this one’s for you.”

Following it up with a special message in Punjabi, he added, “Pep, bohot vadiya chal reha hai kam. Tu kam khicheya hai Man city ch, rukna nahi hun, theek hai. Es vaari vi title laike jaana hai (Pep, everything is going really well. You have done wonders for Man City, don’t stop now, alright. Have to take this title home again).”

So far, the Sky Blues have won three Premier League titles and eight major trophies under the Spaniad. The Premier League champions became the first team in history to win 34 top-flight games over a calendar year. Their 4-0 away win over Newcastle United on Sunday was the 18th on the road in Premier League, ensuring Guardiola’s men will be top of the table at Christmas after an eighth league victory in a row.

Virat Kohli Has Special Message for Manchester City

Kohli is currently in South Africa with Team India, preparing for the upcoming three-match Test series. Following the drama in the Indian dressing room between Kohli and BCCI officials, the series and Kohli’s performance will be closely scrutinised. The pre-departure press conference also opened a pandora’s box as Kohli revealed a few details that left everyone wondering about the lack of clarity at BCCI’s end.

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