Vivo V 23 Pro Review And Specification

In a world of commoditized specs, great design can, be the make or break factor for a product. This is doubtly true in the case of smartphones, where consumers have more options than you can count. With the Vivo V 23 Pro, the company is banned from working on top tier design chops to elevate the rest of the stack sheet, but does it succeed?

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Let’s find out in the review of the Vivo V 23 Pro.

The design of the Vivo V 23 Pro is a subtle mix of flowing lines and smooth curves. The fluoride AG glass at the back of the phone has a matte finish that stays fingerprint free and sits gently in the curve of your palm. Look closely, though, and you discover that the back panel has another trick up its sleeve. Yes, shifting the phone will change the colour of the phone under the right lighting conditions, you can see the phone switch from a gleaming gold to an ultramarine green shade. It wouldn’t be unfair to cause effects magical.

Meanwhile, the flat frame along the edge is carrying this excellent grip while playing games or tapping buttons. The phone doesn’t skip out on the front either, and you’ll observe a six five-inch full HD AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

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The screen is suitably bright and weathered with deep black for those marathon lipstick sessions. Of course, flagship design is meaningless without flagship hardware to back it up.


Powered by a Mediatech Diamond C 200 chipset and eight GB or twelve GB of Ram, the phone powers through all games and apps that you can throw at it. The software is well optimized, and we had no issues with day to day performance. It’s also great to see that the phone shifts with the latest Android Twelve operating system out of the box.

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Battery life, however, could have been better, and the 4300 Mah battery barely makes it through a day. Charging speeds, too, are in the fastest around with 44 Watt support.

Like all Vivo phones, the V 22 Pro is going big on the cameras.

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Over at the back is 108-megapixel primary camera that is paired with an eight-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a two-megapixel macro camera.

The primary camera delivers excellent results, with highly detailed shots, ample contrast, and low noise levels in low light, too, the phone does a good job at capturing details and reducing ambient noise. The ultra-wide camera performs similarly well, though the resolution could have been a bit higher to allow you to drop in without losing detail. The two-megapixel macro camera, however, can be hard to focus on, and the results are hit or miss when shooting close up objects. In addition to the rear camera, the V 23 Pro lives up to the Vivo’s reputation for stellar selfies with a whopping 50-megapixel front-facing camera and not just a tad. A secondary eight-megapixel camera is also included for capturing wider groups. Both cameras perform well with detailed and exposed shots.

And if you like shooting selfies, the Vivo V 23 Pro should be near the top of your list of phones.

Consider another unique feature of the Vivo V 23 Pro is the addition of two led spotlights on the front to help with nighttime selfies. Price starting 38 Rs990 The Vivo V 23 Pro is an excellent example of competition pushing smartphone brands to innovate and offer more. While the design alone stands out the top-notch.

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Much imaging experience backed with high-performance internals makes the phone an easy recommendation.

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