After A Heart Attack & Four Bypass Surgeries, Sunil Grover Waves At Fans As He Gets Discharged

What Happened To Sunil Grover

Filling our hearts with laughter & the cost of his own.”

This is what Simi Grewal wrote on Twitter expressing her shock over the fact that a comedian-actor who has been making people laugh for several years has undergone heart surgery.

The doctors have now revealed that Sunil Grover had suffered a heart attack following which he underwent four bypass surgeries.  
What Happened To Sunil Grover
Sunil Grover has now been discharged from the hospital. As he came out, he smiled and posed for paps. After heart surgery, he made a heart sign with his hands as he walked out of the hospital. 
What Happened To Sunil Grover

Talking to Etimes, the doctor at Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai, revealed that Sunil Grover complained of chest pain, following which he came to the hospital. It was then discovered that he had a heart attack after blood tests and ECG. Later, it turned out he was Covid-19 positive as well, although he was asymptomatic. 

Kapil Sharma Reaction To It

Ali Asghar Thought It Was Fake

The doctor told Etimes, “After a week of his admission, an angiography was done. It showed blockages in all three major heart (coronary) arteries with 100% block in two arteries and 70-90% block in the third artery. His heart function was normal and fortunately, there was no damage to the heart muscle.”

It is said that Grover was shooting for an upcoming project in Pune when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He chose to continue and finish the shoot, keeping up with the professional commitment.

Sunil Grover has now recovered well and has been discharged. 

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