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Salman and his infamous relationships! Who doesn’t know about the actors’ love affairs?

From Aishwarya to Katrina, the actor has been in multiple relationships since the beginning of his career but was never able to settle down with any of his girlfriends. While Salman always brushes off the questions of his marriage with a smile on his face, it was once when the actor had shared his desire to marry an actress.

It was on the sets of his reality tv show “Bigg Boss” that Salman had shared how he is still single because of this actress.

To cut to the chase, it’s Rekha, the actress we are talking about! Salman had mentioned his desire of getting married to her and had even shared that he is still unmarried because of her.

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Rekha was seen sharing, “In those days we both used to be neighbours, and that is why when I used to go for a morning walk at 5:30 in the morning, he used to follow me on a bicycle. Salman used to watch me standing on the balcony. He didn’t know then, but he started loving me” she said.

Not only this, but Salman had back then also enrolled on a yoga class along with his friends so that he could get to see Rekha every day. It was at this time that a teenage Salman had told his friends that he’d one day marry no one else, but Rekha.

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Salman was seen blushing after hearing this from Rekha herself and mockingly confessed how he’s still not married because of her.


Although in the past, Salman and actress Sangeeta Bijlani were on the verge of getting married, their marriage was called off at the last moment due to an unfortunate circumstance. After that, Salman was briefly rumoured to be getting married to Katrina Kaif, the actor had even proposed to her, getting on one knee, but the latter had rejected the proposal in the most indirect way. Lastly, Salman was rumoured to be getting married to model and singer Lulia Vantur, but all that remained only baseless rumours.

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